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Non-resident bank account

We can open current accounts of companies or individuals for non-residents, without any presentation at the counter of the bank for the opening of the current account, only through our channel, where you can have the personal account to use as follows:

  1. The banks with which we cooperate are in (Belize, Dominican Republic, puerto Rico, United States, Lugano) (Bahamas, british Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Turks and Caicos islands, United States)
  2. The currency used (Euro, dollars, Swiss francs)
  3. Language documentation (English, Italian, German, French)
  4. Use of the current account (online for sending or receiving transfers)
  5. Credit card (MasterCard, American Express, Sia business, corporate and gold)
  6. With the services of our bank, you can send or receive on your current account (Letters of Credit, SBLC, Bank Guarantees and other banking services)
  7. Our expenses for opening the current account
    a. Companies 750€
    b. Private 550€