Letter of Credit

We work with some government agencies in the world, (SACE spa Italy) to provide to the customer for the import of goods without opening of Letter of Credit, the guarantee against the risk of non-payment in favor of the bank that opens the Letter of Credit for the account of the customer abroad, in conditions that:

a. The company should be constituted with the related financial statements by at least 3 years

b. The pro Forma Invoice of the purchase of the goods

2. The letter of Credit made by a primary bank

In collaboration with some international banks, we are able to offer you the possibility of opening of Letter of Credit in favor of the supplier with payment at sight. You need the following points:

a. The payment of the expenses of the opening of the Letter of Credit to the issuing bank, including through the escrow account deposited with the primary bank in London, the United States or Germany.

b. The total payments of the Letter of Credit must be made before the delivery of the original documents, with the possibility that the customer may have a copy of the documentation to demonstrate to the customer the shipment of goods.

3. The financing of the Letter of Credit made from your bank

In collaboration with international banking institutions and financial institutions, they are available funding the Letter of Credit made from your bank with instant payments on presentation of documents to the supplier and the payments of your bank, will be carried out to our bank after 6/12 months.

1. Import of goods with the guarantee of the government