European Group Sae

We are an Italian-Egyptian company
Based in Milan, Italy and where we work Project and export finance in collaboration with Islamic, Arab and European and African banks

European Group Sae

Who we are:

We are an Italian-Egyptian company

Based in Milan, Italy and where we work

Project and export finance in collaboration with Islamic, Arab and European banks in Africa

Even with the insurance companies will issue

a guarantee against the risk of non-payment by the Project Owner or the importer

Our services

Contracting Companies

Our many years of experience cover the full spectrum of engineering jobs. A brilliant team of highly qualified engineers guarantees the achievement of objectives, costs and the customer.


EGS has had the privilege of being associated with many hotels, restaurants, bars, industries, banquets, etc. and to furnish them in an almost incredible way

Solar power

EGS specializes in solar energy systems; Including on-grid solar PV power generation systems, off-grid solar PV power generation systems


(EGS) is the most specialized international medical equipment design company and one of the first certified consultancy in the field of healthcare hospital design in the Middle East.

Desalination of drinking water

Design, supply, installation and follow-up of EGS water treatment technology For water plants and treatment units (sea water desalination plants – water well desalination plants)

Transform waste into energy

We use the latest European technology and align ourselves with European environmental standards. Due to increasing waste and growing energy demand, EGS is working on the first waste-to-energy plant (WTE)

Aircraft for rent and for sale

EGS conducts our leasing business based on our culture of expertise, providing services through proven experience and process expertise.

Marine boat rental

EGS is a world leader in the superyacht industry. Specialising in the sale, charter management and new construction of the large yachts. The company has an unrivalled reputation when it comes to performing for its clients at the very highest level.

Key plants in hand

EGS is a leading manufacturer of high quality Single and Twin Screw Extruder for food industries. We have almost thirty years’ experiences of working with our customers providing specialist designs and practical solutions for a wide range of process needs

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– Our company is a Gold Member of Tradekey
– Our company is registered with derogatory international banks + Central Bank of Italy
– We have another company, an Italian-Egyptian association with president Dr.
Soliman Darwish, in Italy since then
– Our director Dr. Soliman Darwish is also a correspondent of the Egyptian radio and
television in Northern Italy

EUROPEAN GROUP SAE is able to offer adequate advice to all companies, both

Italians and not, who want to grow and expand.
Thanks to collaborations with major national and international banks and with the
best finance companies, we can provide finance and financing for companies that
want to expand their business nationally and internationally.
The companies that turn to us have the assurance that adapts to your needs. We
present the best solutions and the most profitable market. We take care of the management
on behalf of the customer throughout the procedure directly with the financial banks


Banking instruments: letters of credit, standby letters of credit, bank guarantees
Commercial operations for Import-Export
Funding for products from America, China, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and others
Bank guarantees
Participation in international collateral competitions
Trading Europe/Asia
20-year repayment project financing
Financing of the Project with Loan for Money with 10 Years of repayment
Financing small projects for young entrepreneurs
Discount/Value on bills
L/C opening with deferred payment up to 180 days
Opening of business and personal bank accounts for non-residents
Cooperation with our company in your country
Our Top and Non-Top International Banks