Solar power

Our services

EGS is specialized in the solar energy systems; including the solar PV power generation on-grif systems, solar PV power generation off-grid systems solar water heater and solar water heating systems in different economical sectors such as commercial, residential, torism and agricultural in addition to solar pump.

Our trained staff are qualified to do different types of solar energy systems and products installations on different surface areas; civil work, wiring and mounting system are installed according to the international standards.


Using the solar software and program simulation, we can design the solar energy system according to our client’s demand, location & area.

We provide our customers with the solar energy expected simulation system to predict the turn over for the entire system.

We provide our customers with decent delivery service for small projects, we can supply the solar energy systems and products for free

We provide periodical maintenance system for our solar energy systems, products & equipments to confirm the equipment warranty according to the manufacture instructions.